3. O Little Planet

Tune: Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem

O little planet in the Milky Way
Home to humanity
We need you to support our lives
There is nowhere to flee
Yet we have made grave errors
We’ve felled too many trees
Our fossil fuels have fouled the air
We’ve poisoned all the seas

Now climate scientists agree
It’s time for us to pay
We need to live more modestly
And act without delay
There’s more to life than what we own
There’s more to life than wealth
There’s value in the things we do
In empathy and health

With new respect for life on earth
We’ll find a better way
Let’s make a vow to start right now
There’s no day like today
Come join with us in shining
A beacon of bright light
Through hope and tears and all our fears
We’re standing strong tonight

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